2017 Radar Pro Build Vapor

Designing a slalom ski is a balancing act on many levels. Initially, the common goals of speed and cornering need to work in harmony with the shared cause of providing a skier the opportunity for more buoys. Second, the decisions made to achieve that goal must equally balance historically proven design elements with our design team’s vision from an evolutionary aspect. Making the past and the present collaborate in design is what truly rewrites the script. And, of course, the essential uncompromising obligation is to build a ski that works for Everyman, as well as our record setting pro team.

Building the ski that has function at slower speeds and also under the most extreme conditions actually turns out to be similar parameters in our design theory. By utilizing the rocker lines, side cut and bevel configurations we developed; a ski is stable with automatic acceleration for the aspiring skier. On the other hand, those same lines of the ski hold up to the test at short line. Even

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