2020 Radar Cameo 2.0 Women's - CGA Life Vest


This women's specific cut features a longer waist and equal distribution of foam throughout the vest so that there are no bulky areas. A flexible, consistent fit in a CGA design.

Ladies are raving about the fit of this Coast Guard Approved style life jacket. The Radar Cameo 2.0 CGA Life Jacket is blowing other CGA vests out of the water with its unmatched fit. It obeys all your local vest regulations and fit you great so that you can ride at your best. Built with zote foam for a lightweight feel and a 2-way stretch material that allows you to move freely. Unlike most other CGA style life jackets out there, the Radar Cameo 2.0 vest is designed with a tailored fit that has every lady who wears it raving about the fit.


  • -Lightweight PVC Foam
  • -Tailored Fit
  • -Two Way Stretch Neoprene
  • -Water Resistant Liner
  • -Coast Guard Approved Design

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