2024 Hyperlite Storm

Building a shape that could keep up with world champion wakesurfer Jodi Grassman was the challenge, her new pro model skim shape is the resolution, introducing the Storm. Jodi's aggressive riding style demanded a board that would carry speed and generate lift off the wave for her deep bag of tricks. The Storm features a wider tail to help generate the needed speed while the blunt tip/tail profile provide a maneuverable ride that tracks exceptionally well riding switch. Hyperlite's woven carbon and Nova core construction yield a responsive and snappy feel meeting the standards of Jodi Grassman.



Woven Carbon ConstructionNova CoreMinimal Rocker / Flat BaseMachined EVA Traction - SquareTail Profile – WideTail Shape – DiamondSolo Skim FinShaper: Aaron Stumpf


Fins: 1 - 1.25” Solo Skim Fin

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