2024 Ronix -High Voltage Core - Beaux Skimmer - Tri-Color Tiger Stripes


He wanted a more reactive and lightweight laminate than a traditional woven carbon fiber so we worked with local aerospace suppliers on developing the perfect spread tow fabric. This material is thinner, lighter and has a much higher tensile strength. The result is a stiffer layup with energy unlike any surfer we have ever made. After we decided on our High Voltage Core, we then reinvented the skimmer rockerline. This brainchild has a smooth, stable rockerline running through the middle of the board for both riding switch and regular, but also has the ability to jump on the gas unlike any other board due to its faster rail rockerline. Feeling locked in with good tempo? Then, stay over the board. Needing a little extra push? Rely more on the outside rail. Predictability was also emphasized in the shape. A wider diamond tail allows for a more parallel outline, meaning shuvs and airs land with more speed and stability. A single concave bottom contour also helps maintain down-the-line momentum.

Collections: All Products, Wake Surf

Type: Surfers

Vendor: Ronix

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