Eight.3 - Floor Ballast - 800 lbs

You know that skin crawling feeling when your left foot forward bro says “hey would you mind if we swap out the weight so I can surf? Next thing you know 40 minutes have gone by in the draining, juggling, and refilling process. By the time he actually jumps off the swim deck you consider him more of an acquaintance than a friend. This type of poor aquatic time management has been ongoing for too long, and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it.


Owners of Patent # 5,787,835 and patent pending on the first submersible pump - Time is Money.

  • New design allows you to drop the pump physically into the ballast pump. 
  • Telescoping cylinder keeps the ballast bag from spilling all over the boat
  • Paired with the 3700 Submersible pump, you have the quickest filling and empying ballast system on the market.
  • A cheaper alternative to plumbing in a new ballast system.

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