Indmar Water Pump Impeller Kit

This kit fits almost all Indmar marine engines (Malibu, Supra, Moomba, etc.) and almost every MasterCraft produced from 1987 until the change to Ilmor engines in 2011.Your boats raw water pump is designed to use the water it pumps to lubricate its impeller. Do not run the engine unless the boat is in water. If you run the engine with the boat out of the water, the water pump may be damaged and you will shorten the life of your impeller. Engine overheating can cause damage to your boats motor and can start a fire.

If you operate your boat in shallow, silty or sandy conditions we recommend that you inspect your boats impeller more frequently to ensure your boats cooling system continues to operate correctly.

It is recommended that you change your impeller annually or every 100 hours (whatever happens first) and keep a spare in your boat. Natural wear and debris in lake water tear away at your impeller, eventually to the point where the raw water pump can't keep up with the heat output of the engine. This leads to engine overheating which can lead to engine failure.

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