O'Brien Platform ECO Trainer w Rope Kit

If you have a boat and love watersports, then you need to have at least one pair of water skis. This is where it all began, and O'Brien's staff is proud of their ski heritage and want to keep the tradition going. That's why they manufacture such a wide variety of trainer skis, combo skis, and a range of slalom skis and bindings that start from an entry-level and go all the way to meet the demands of the top pros. As your skills on the water progress, so does O'Brien's product line. So, whether you are brand new to the sport and haven't even gotten up for the first time or are already blasting turns in the course at 43' (13 meters) off, there are O'Brien skis that will fit your needs.

Having the right skis for a youngster to learn on can make the difference between them loving the sport or not. Trying to have them learn on Dad's or another adults ski is not the way to making their experience one they will always remember and want to get out and ski whenever they have the chance. The O'Brien Platform Trainer is the perfect way to get the youngsters started as skiers. The 46" (117 cm) U-Shaped Platform is made from Bamboo comes with attached bindings and trainer rope with handle. The O'Brien Platform Trainer is designed for youngsters weighing up to 85 lbs. (38.6 kg).

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