Wiley Pro Jump/Double Stuff - (1 Binding)

These are the Jaret Llewellyn and Ron Goodman inspired boots that will let you know where your skis are when you are "marching" into the ramp.  If you can get your feet into these incredibly tight boots, then you might just be qualified to sign up for a Pro tournament, like Freddy. Just have a look at any pro jumper from any nation.  Check out the bindings that they are using and I am sure you will see the Wiley logo.

Wiley's Pro Jump Bindings provide pro-level support for advanced to pro jumpers from 180 feet. The binding consists of Wiley's Jump Plate, Wiley Toe Rubber, Wiley Heel Piece, Wiley Super Jump Wrap and 2 Wiley Low Wraps

Bindings are sold INDIVIDUALLY.

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