Radar Skis 101

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Joey McNamara


  1. Up to date shapes built with a purpose- all of the skis in our entire line have been designed for a specific user. We do not “recycle” outdated skis and call them classics to lure you in.
  2. Anyone can ride a Radar- whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring pro, we have a ski
 suited for your ability level. All you need to do is define what type of ski ride you want (boat speed, ability level) and we will match you with a ski you’ll love.
  3. Sensible design- every Radar ski is built for efficiency and ease of use. No matter what ski you have previously ridden, you will be able to enjoy our ride.


Is it possible to build a singular ski shape that’s user friendly for any ability level and has the extreme capability of breaking the world record? We believe so. Our ski ideal is based on the evolution of slalom theory and design beliefs rooted in over 50 years of engineering. It
’s about making a ski ride in the water the way we believe to be the most efficient method, regardless of ability level or skiing style. We believe in our theory so much that all of our shapes are derived of an exact framework. The entire Radar ski line shares the same physical features. The bevel configuration, rocker, side cut, and concave radius remain constant throughout the line. These elements define a water ski and its attitude on the water. By holding the design features constant, we can ensure that you are getting the most advanced ski available.


Having a ski ride higher in the water is a positive attribute while skiing in a straight line or during acceleration. However, if not compensated for, a ski’s additional surface area during a turn can make it lose grip or feel slippery. The Radar advantage is our series of concave blending rails in the bottom of the ski. The rails are built to counteract the width while on its turning edge. The rails secure the ski to the water for a solid feel, affording you the confidence to push your ski to the limit. The size of the rail in the bottom of a Radar slalom has been engineered to offer the perfect amount of grip for the amount of total surface area of the ski. As a ski grows in size, the rail gets proportionately larger. It allows us to keep other design attributes constant in every model, assuring you a consistent ride from every ski in our line.


  • The ski rides higher in the water, in turn reducing drag
  • Additional width slows down the tempo of the turn and reduces maximum edge angle, aiding stability.
  • As the ski grows, suggested maximum boat speed is decreased. Slower speeds inspire confidence
and improve control.
  • Reduced width makes a ski more nimble in edge-to-edge movement. 

  • A ski sits deeper in the water for more feel and grip with reduced surface area. 

  • A faster tempo of skiing rhythm is achieved, along with higher top end speed and edge angles.