Eagle Camo - Black/Green

  • After studying the competition, we set out to develop a vest with all the qualities the top riders are looking for. Eagle Vests are made from the most flexible and highest grade neoprene available.

    • Ultra-stretch 1mm neoprene
    • Extra large arm holes
    • New for 2013 ergonomically placed 13mm flotation front and 20 mm back
    • Back padding is designed to give skiers back support and side protection.
    • Eagle Vests are so light and flexible, you won't even realize you have a vest on.
    • Please Note: This vest is not Cost Guard Approved, but they are skier approved.
  • Vest Size Chest Waist
    X-Small 30-33 in (76.2-84 cm) 25-27 in (63-69 cm)
    Small 34-35 in (86-89 cm) 26-28 in (66-71 cm)
    Medium 36-38 in (91-97 cm) 27-29 in (68-74 cm)
    Large 39-41 in (99-104 cm) 30-32 in  (76-81 cm)
    X-Large 42-44 in (106-112 cm) 33-35 in (84-89 cm)
    XX-Large 45-48 in (114-123 cm) 36-38 in (91-97 cm)

    Note: Eagle Competiion Vests are designed to fit SKIN TIGHT. They are form fitting and will stretch. If you are used to wearing a loose fitting vest, Eagle vests will feel much different. They are designed not to ride up on you while in the water. When you first zip the vest, it will feel quite tight, then loosen up once you are in the water. If you feel you won't fit in a standard size, we also offer custom sizing.

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